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Destiny's Waltz: In Step with Giants

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This is a fascinating autobiography, by dancer, choreographer, artistic director Robert De Warren. He was AD at Northern Ballet Theater, Iran National Ballet, and La Scala (recommended by Rudolf Nureyev).

Most important to me were the 100 plus pages of his dignified remembrances of the 20 year professional relationship and close friendship between Robert and his wife with Rudolf Nureyev. These chapters include interesting contradictions to Kavanagh's book, as well as a lot of intrigue.

Has anyone else read the book?

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Thanks for the heads up, toeprints. I love your description "dignified remembrances," which would not apply to all of what's been written about Nureyev.

The book is available on Amazon, and buying it through the Amazon window on the top of the page benefits this site.

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Just finished reading this book! I have no words to express how wonderful it is! and how Mr. De Warren writes with great respect for Rudolf! I almost read all the books about Rudi in the same number of so-called "official" biography. But I understood this complex man and a genius only in the memoirs of Mr. De Warren.

Must Read!!

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