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2010-2011 Calendar is up!

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In addition to doing a major site upgrade, AND the annual fundraiser, the amazing Helene has also been working on our Calendar -- see the Calendar, top left, right under Ballet Talk.

She's put up every performance she can find -- there are a few companies who haven't posted their seasons yet. We don't list Nutcrackers, because if we did the Calendar would explode in December. There may be a few typos (no need to point them out :) )

You'll notice, at the bottom left of the board, that Calendar listings for each day will be visible there, so it's a wonderful way for all of us to keep up with what's going on in ballet. And of course, if you're planning a trip to San Francisco in March, or want to see what Miami City Balletl is doing in October, you can find out and either get on a plane or live vicatiously.

It's a humongous effort, and I'm very;, very;, VERY grateful to Helene for doing this.

Brace. Here are the companies listed:

Alberta Ballet

Atlanta Ballet

Ballet Arizona

Ballet Met

Ballet West

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Boston Ballet

Carolina Ballet

Cincinnati Ballet


Estonian National Ballet (through 2010)

Houston Ballet

Kansas City Ballet

Louisville Ballet

Mariinsky Ballet

Miami City Ballet


Oregon Ballet Theatre


Paris Opera Ballet

PA Ballet

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre


Royal Ballet



Sarasota Ballet


St. Louis Ballet

Texas Ballet Theatre

Washington Ballet

RDB Tour:



Kennedy Center:

RDB -- TBA which days which ballet

Suzanne Farrell Ballet


Proteges III


Ballet Nacional de Cuba

Cal Performance:



Eifman Ballet

Tour de Force II

Ballet Nacional de Cuba

Sadler's Wells:


Hamburg Ballet -- Paris Opera performances only

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I'm glad the new software displays the weeks Calendar listings at the bottom of the home page. Sometimes even I forget about the Calendar :)

About typos, I know there are some formatting errors, and sometimes not all of the dates are listed in the early postings. For example, the Bolshoi is only up to December, and when they add performances for "Swan Lake" later in the year, I only add the new dates to the later items, and don't update the earlier ones.

Also, sometimes I forget to change the year, and a performance might end up in April 2010 instead of April 2011, for example. If anyone catches wrong info, please let me know, via PM or through the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

I'll keep checking the websites of the companies that don't have complete info up and add it in.

The good news is that the ballet season has already started!

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It's a thing of beauty -- just like the site upgrade! Thank you! I know it's going to take time and effort to keep it up-to-date, so thanks in advance for that, too!

You need to clue us in on your vitamin regimen or preferred energy drink or whatever it was that fueled you through an effort like this. I promise to buy a case through the Amazon link. :wink:

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This is a wonderful resource! Thank you so much.

On a selfish note, as I am moving to Italy, any plans to add La Scala or the balletto dell'opera di Roma? I know that Silvia is happening in Rome in October with guests including Bouder and Semionova (though I can't find who is what date!)

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I noticed Corella Ballet was not listed on the BT calendar. Their performance dates are listed on the CBCL website calendar. But how one integrates the two, I have no idea. (I leave that to the computer technical experts that exist here.) But just an FYI: There are several up-coming Corella Ballet performance dates in late 2010 and 2011 outside of Spain --eg. Portugal, Mexico, and USA.

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I'm about to put a damper on this thread, to explain that we have a standard list of companies that go on the Calendar, and the number is limited to what we can sustain year after year. We do the work ourselves, and restrict permissions to Moderators, because in the past we've found entries that are off mission to Ballet Talk (often student performances).

We rarely expand the list; Corella Ballet is an exception this year, although not yet done, as it has become the major ballet company in Spain and was created by a dancer in whom there has been significant interest. There are several other companies that have been on the Calendar in past years (Malakhov's Berlin Ballet, for example) that will be added as information becomes available on their website (or in a usable way).

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