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PNB at the Vail Festival

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Saw some beautiful photos on Facebook of the company taking morning class in Vail, CO! Lots of shots of them jumping, as well as one of Lucien Postlewaite's amazing developpe a la seconde. It looked like there were a few NYCB dancers in the class; maybe Tiler Peck?

The company's journey to Vail is also being chronicled on the PNB blog. Peter Boal wrote a humorous first entry that included anecdotes from their plane trip, and Benjamin Griffiths wrote a few paragraphs later about their arrival. It'll be interesting to see how frequently they update this in the coming days.

Almost all of the company is on tour, except for Jonathan Porretta, Stacy Lowenberg, and Maria Chapman, who are all coming back from injuries. Best wishes go to them for their recoveries!

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. . . The company's journey to Vail is also being chronicled on the PNB blog. Peter Boal wrote a humorous first entry that included anecdotes from their plane trip, and Benjamin Griffiths wrote a few paragraphs later about their arrival...

Could you provide the link to the PNB blog? I don't see anything about Vail on the Director's Blog here: http://www.pnbunleashed.com/PNB_Unleashed/Directors_Blog/Directors_Blog.html

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Peter Boal's second blog entry about Vail could be titled "The Adventures of Live Theater".


At the bottom of the entry there's a beautiful Angela Sterling photo of Sarah Ricard Orza mid-jete in "Serenade". I think we're extremely lucky that she started to dance again.

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Sounds like the Vail newspapers gave the company some great reviews! From the photo albums posted, it looked like some dancers took on new roles over the tour, such as Griffiths in 9 Sinatra Songs, and Bartee in Red Angels. Exciting stuff; it'll be interesting to watch casting for this fall.

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Did anyone see any of the Vail performances?

I had forgotten about the International Evenings, tonight and Saturday. (Scroll.) This year Carla Korbes and Eric Underwood from the Royal Ballet perform (what I assume is) the Pas de Deux from "Agon". I would have loved to have seen that, and would be grateful to experience it vicariously through someone's post about it :beg:

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I just got a Google alert for this video of the finale of "Red Angels" from Vail International Film Festival:

In order of appearance:

Andrew Bartee

Carla Korbes Lesley Rausch

Lindsi Dec

Seth Orza (no solo)

I poked around YouTube found some more of PNB at Vail:

Mixed class and rehearsal footage. Here, there's a bit more of Seth Orza, along with captioned ID's of Korbes, Sakvannara Sar, Daniil Simkin, Orza, Lindsi Dec, Korbes with Batkhurel Bold (longish passage from the Pas de Deux in Benjamin Millepied's "3 Movements"), Olivier Wevers, Lesley Rausch and Andrew Bartee, and Peter Boal. His foot looks better.

Montage of rehearsal clips from "After the Rain Pas de Deux", with Rachel Foster and Jeffrey Stanton:

Here's the second half of "Cool" from "West Side Story Suite". The dark-haired dancer in the red skirt is Rachel Foster. In the line of five men at about the half minute mark, from left to right: Ezra Thompson (blue with dark neck band), Benjamin Griffiths (peach sleeveless), Barry Kerollis (pink), Josh Spell (pale yellow), Jerome Tisserand (lime), James Moore (shirt with collar). In the background, Kyle Davis (aqua) partners someone I can't recognize because of the lighting, Lucien Postlewaite (Riff) partners Foster, and Andrew Bartee (blue) partners the woman in polka dot dress.

Here Postlewaite has to sing after dancing up a storm:

Three minutes of the "Black Swan Pas de Deux" from the $20.10 performance on 3 August, danced by Carla Korbes and Karel Cruz:

Not PNB, but I couldn't resist:

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Oh Helene, thanks so much for the great clips -- there is so much juicy stuff in there. I liked Bartee and Dec in Red Angels very much. A couple of wobbles from him, but very clear lines and good articulation of energy. And Dec is growing and growing -- in that one releve towards the beginning of the solo I thought she was just going to keep levitating!

(not to mention how nice it was to see the trees upstage through the opening in the curtain!)

The Wheeldon clips had my favorite moment in the work (where she is arched back in a bridge on hands and feet, and he slips underneath her, like he's found a little house) so I'm a happy girl.

I think I like this presentation of Robbins' WSSS (without the set and specific costumes). The plain t-shirts for the men simplify the stage picture. (though I do miss that funky vest that Barry Kerollis usually wears)

And the kids were fabulous!

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