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Deanne Seay

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It's a lost opportunity for MCB, but a great opportunity for both Seay and North Carolina. She has rare and important qualities that can help to develop this program into a magnet for serious ballet students from all over.

I hope the following (still in its hypothetical stage) works out.

In addition to hiring Ms. Seay, re-connecting with many old colleagues has sparked many new projects for Laliberte'-Clark, Cary Ballet Conservatory and Cary Ballet Company as she is already planning Master classes, collaborations, guest choreographers and workshops with renowned artists from Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet West, Aspen Santa-Fe Ballet and the Rock school. Also, because Alex Wong was the first to recommend Deanna for her new position at CBC, she told him it is only fitting to reward him by bringing him to Cary to teach guest classes. Although he just had surgery and will be out of commission for several months, he is excited to visit as soon as he can.
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Congratulations to Deanna Seay! She deserves this and more as her career continues. Agreed bart, yet another missed opportunity for MCB. Such a passionate performer who is absolutely committed to the art form. Her long career has not only given her an incredible knowledge base to draw from, but she also posseses the appreciation and the ability to interpret all that which has come before. She has proven herself already as a coach and ballet mistress in many different settings, including at MCB. All of Deanna's skills translate just as beautifully into teaching as they did when she was performing.

Again, another GREAT opportunity missed by MCB!

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I like the thought that this lovely dancer is still moving! Still very much in action! Though I sympathize with the idea that her departure is MCB's loss. And the sight of her in long dark slacks - see the class picture accompanying the article linked to above - is a bit of a jolt to this ballet watcher more accustomed - well, I can't say "accustomed", Seay's dancing is - oh, gosh, was - too fresh and magical to get completely accustomed to, it never became ordinary in my experience - but more habituated to seeing her in, say white tights. (You know what I mean.)

(But the article perpetuates the confusion between the Balanchine Trust, which, from the context of it, Seay has joined, and the Balanchine Foundation; here's a link to address that:

http://balanchine.com/content/site/show/faq )

Edited by Jack Reed
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Even after 9 years of watching Seay on stage, I didn't know just how active she was becoming in other aspects of ballet. The more I learn, the more impressed I become.

Laliberte'-Clark was excited to learn about Ms. Seay's experience training young dancers within the Miami City Ballet School as well as coaching professional dancers and staging ballets for the company. She also taught Master Classes and staged ballets across the country and served as a preliminary panelist for the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts' YoungArts program, which will be a wonderful asset for Cary Ballet students applying for national college scholarships. In 2010, Ms. Seay served on a grants panel for the Miami Dade Cultural Affairs Council, which will lend experience in furthering the mission of the conservatory's non-profit affiliate, Cary Ballet Company. Another very special and rare quality is that Ms. Seay is one of the few artists in the world chosen by the George Balanchine Foundation to serve as a repetiteur, trusted to preserve and re-stage the works of the legendary choreographer.
Thanks, Jack, for catching that confusion between "Foundation" and "Trust."
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