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The Silver Rose

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I attended the Adelaide, July 16th performance of Graeme Murphy's "The Silver Rose" by The Australian Ballet Company and had my thirst for ballet quenched once again.

Is is far from being a classical ballet (and I may be bias) but then it was never meant to be. It is one of those productions that you will either love and enjoy immensely or have reservations about it.

My party sat in the second row and centre of stage. From our vantage point I had nothing but admiration for what I was sensing visually.

It was a predominantly "white" set with matching costumes that contrasted ever so perfectly in color and design to the opulently designed art nouveau stage. If there are any criticisms concerning the technicalities or interpretation of the story behind the ballet they certainly would have been overshadowed by what was literally a spectacular, opulent and extravagant stage and costume setting.

On the evening I attended, Robyn Hendricks played the part of Sophie, betrothed to Baron Ochs (Ben Davis.) What a delight it was to watch Sophie go though an emotional roller caster ride to eventually end up with the man she really wanted to be with (and it wasn't Baron Ochs.) Equally impressive was Rudy Hawkes (Octavian, the young lover) and I am sure that there may have been some women in the theatre who were not concerning themselves as much with his expertise and marvelous performance on his feet as they were by his semi-naked body and obvious pecs.

My evening was an enjoyable one and to my mind worthwhile seeing again although in hindsight I felt that in a couple of spots during the performance the storyline didn't seem logically placed.

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