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Seen in this small feature that was at the conclusion of a television broadcast of Ruth Page's ballet Die Fledermaus c 1986, in the studio and during performances:

Larry Long

Ruth Page

Andre Delfau

Galina Panova

Valery Panov

Richard Cragun

Marianna Tcherkassky

Danilo Radojevic

Ricardo Moyano

Zoe Piotrowski (Wardrobe)

George Daugherty (Conductor)

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Mme. Hermine, Maestro George Daugherty (conductor for this performance) has been searching high and low for this video as he just found out about the passing of premier danseur, Richard Cragun, and would like a copy of this video as a memento. This clip has been "removed". Do you happen to know where and how this was originally posted? Or who to contact to get a copy? Thank you.

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