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Olguita Guillot, our Cuban "Queen of Boleros"...

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With deep sorrow I join the Cuban community to mourn the death of the biggest Cuban singer of all times: the great Dame of the Cuban song Miss Olga Guillot, our very "Queen of Boleros". I had the opportunity to know of her artistry via old LP's that we had at home, for which her music was completely barred and prohibited in the island after she became an exile in 1960, expressing until the time of her death a profound opposition and hatred to the Castro government. Right now, as I listen to one of the LP's I've collected of her via thrift stores, I want to salute and celebrate the life of this brave and talented woman whose voice was forever silenced in the island, along with that of Celia Cruz.

Olga was by far the most important stylistic singer that Cuba ever produced. To this day, you can't say that there was any other singer who was at her level. As Cuban musician Cachao puts it...

"There's Olga Guillot...and then, all the others."

Rest in Peace, Miss Olguita Guillot. :bow:


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