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Victor Fedotov Swan Lake Recording

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Can anyone help me find Viktor Fedotov's complete CD recording of Swan Lake? I stupidly bought a bootleg copy of it from an eBay seller in Europe and the discs won't work on my American format CD player.

Thank you in advance!

The CD format shouldn't matter at all. Are they perhaps scratched?

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The formats for the 7 discs he sent are MP4 and WMV.

Can you tell if the CDs are pressed or burned? (Is the back silver or colored?) Often CDRs are temperamental and prone to disintegration. Most of my CDRs that are several years old or more no longer play.

If they are CDRs, you may want to return them for a refund. Don't know how practical that is if you got them from overseas but it may be worth your while to notify the vendor of the problem you are having. EBAY frowns on nonpressed media recordings anyway.

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