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UPGRADE COMPLETE -- But Customizations Coming

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Have had some trouble accessing the site today and one other day (yesterday or Monday). Only about ten minutes, but I don't have any other problems on this end with other sites at the moment. you may be aware of this, and still working on the customizations, although I don't know if that affects it.

And my above post doesn't show under Sandy's on the list, although it's somehow there, but his is noted as last post there. Plus, it doesn't go up into the Active Content. Don't know what it is.

Okay, seems to be working now, but I have been having some problems, would think it was the heat even, except everything else working on this end.

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We've had several reports of an outage the other day. We didn't get notice of a special update, and I don't think the changes I'm making would shut down the site that long -- should be a several-second blip. I'll check with Victoria to see if they've experienced it as well.

If you create a thread and it's not coming up in View New Content, or you post to a thread, and it's not coming up, please check for the following:

  • From the right link next to your name, select "My Settings", and then from the default tab (Settings), "Search Settings"/"View New Content Method".
  • Is the value of the drop-down box set to "Show me all new content since my last visit" or "Show me all new content that I have not read"? The latter will never bring up your own threads unless someone posts a reply, since it assumes that anything you've posted, you've read. The former should bring up all topics that it calculates from the last time you checked.

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Helene, this looks great but did we lose the PMs feature? How do I post or retrieve a PM? Thanks, in advance.

They're now called "Conversations" in some parts of the site. To get to them click the down arrow next to your username in the upper right corner and select "Messenger" to go to your Inbox, or the down arrow next to the little number to the right of that, which will give you a list of the most recent ones, and you can click on one. (Click "personal conversation", not the person's name, or you'll go to the profile.)

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