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Upgrade Request in Today--PLEASE READ

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Our service provider is going to upgrade the board sometime at the beginning of next week. It could take place over a 24-hour period next Tuesday or Wednesday, but we can't get more specific than that, since tech support could get a high priority request up to the last minute.

There's always a chance that you'll have to log in again after the upgrade.

One of the oddities of the software, at least the version we are on currently, is that if you are already logged in when the upgrade takes place, you may be able to post and use the board, but your post will be lost. If you try to log in during the period the board is down -- between the time they notify us the upgrade is starting and we're able to post the "Board closed" message, and the time they tell us the upgrade is over, and we reinstate the custom fixes -- you should be blocked.

The good news is that after the upgrade, the iPhone app for the board will be usuable!

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The request for the upgrade is going in now.

If you are writing something long, I suggest copying the post and pasting it into a Word or text document. Once the upgrade starts, anything posted from then until completion may be lost, and if you are logged in and on the board at the start, you may not receive the "Board Closed" message.

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