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I saw his Swan Lake in Dusseldorf years ago. I enjoyed it then however I remember the 1st act being based upon rehearsal of Swan Lake and a story of love between the leading dancers and the ballet master. The 2nd act was basically Petipa. I do not remember 3rd nor 4th acts. The music was all Tchaikovsky. It was well danced by the members of the Dusseldorf company.

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I like the idea of beginning in a rehearsal studio.

Here is a piece on Spoerli, by Horst Koegler, from Danceviewtimes.


I saw it two years ago in Zurich and I don't remember that much, but that I didn't like it.

Especially I was not remembering anything about rehearsals, having in my mind a more traditional story. I've checked the program and it really seems to be more or less the usual story.

The synopsis is divided in the usual 4 acts - 1 Park eines Schlosses (Park of a castle), 2 Seeufer im Mondschein (Lakeside in moonlight), 3 Ballsaal im Schloss (Ballroom in the castle), 4 das Ufer des Sees (the shore of the lake)-, but the show is in two parts; all the shows I've seen in Zurich have just an intermission.

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