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19th c. look at LE CORSAIRE

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there's little known to me about items like this one:

an undated, 'tissue' 'slide' produced as ACTUALITES THEATRALES, showing, in this case, the cavern scene from an unidentified production.

as evident in the scan of the reverse side of the item, there is hand-coloring of the picture, presumably so that , when projected, the photo would have some color.




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This post led me to wonder about this transparency medium in stereoviews, so I looked it up.

Turns out it was invented in France in 1853 and sold very well into the 1870s as a stereoscope feature. The photo was printed on very thin salted paper, then hand-colored on the back to give color to the view when held into the light. It was supplanted by an ambrotype sandwich made on glass, and colored as before. The glass ones are actually rarer than the paper ones now, because glass is brittle, and paper has some give to it.

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very many thanks, as usual, Mel, for your information.

i have a few other 'tissues' and knew none of what you say here.

the odd thing about this picture is that it looks only partly like a photograph. i suppose it is one and it's just the stage painting, etc. that make it look otherwise.

i wonder what production was documented here: i suppose Mazillier's, in which case, could this Medora be Rosati?

as usual, so many questions, so few answers.

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