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Why are there no Dance View reviews on ABT's Spring season yet?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am concerned about the fact that ABT opened their Spring season at the Met on May 17th, and there have been no ABT reviews on Dance View. I count on the reviewers at Dance View to give a well written, balanced account the ballet scene in New York. I certainly can't count on Alistair McAuley of the New York Times for that. I hope to be seeing ABT reviews on Dance View soon.

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Colleen, I don't know if you subscribe to the print version of Dance View, but it publishes extensive reviews of each and every ABT season in New York.

The cover of the current, spring 2010, issue has a beautiful black and white photo by Marc Haegeman of Ashley Bouder as Giselle in Rome There are more high quality full and half page photos inside of Bouder and Eugenia Obraztsova in Giselle. Gay Morris reviews NYCB's winter season, Carol Pardo reviews two repertory programs by Miami City Ballet, Jane Simpson covers London and Copenhagen, Rita Felciano San Francisco, and Horst Koegler reviews Sjenf Scheijen's "Diaghilev: A Life." Like danceviewtimes online, Dance View is published by Ballet Talk founder Alexandra Tomalonis, so subscribing is a nice way to support this site. (Not that anyone will need that motivation to re-subscribe!)

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