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Bad Ballet with Leonard Pinth-Garnell

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Old timers will recall a recurring sketch from the early years of Saturday Night Live which featured a tuxedoed Dan Aykroyd as Leonard Pinth-Garnell, presenting abominable samples of the performing arts (“Bad Opera” “Bad Playhouse” “Bad Cabaret for Children” etc.), with commentary such as “Monumentally ill-advised!” and “Really bit the big one, didn’t it?” These were actually pretty sophisticated theater parodies – rare to see stuff like that on today’s SNL. Anyway, here is a link to “Bad Ballet.” The ballerinas are Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, Shelley Duvall, and Garrett Morris; the danseurs are Bill Murray, John Belushi, and Aykroyd.

I recall another segment called “Bad Red Chinese Ballet” but I couldn’t find it anywhere. There was also one skit with Steve Martin and Gilda Radner featuring them as the lead couple of “Le Spectre de la Rose,” in full costume, but I couldn’t find that one, either.

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