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What's the most effective kind of ad campaign for ballet companies

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Great discussion. Thanks to all.

If I want to see "Serenade" at all -- be it from prime seats or no -- I have to go to a live performance.
A big problem problem is that there are relatively few people in the general population who "want" to see Serenade particularly. In my experience, people with limited entertainment budgets are not often prone to be experimental. They want a sure thing, a known entity, a safe investment. Often this means seeing something they already know or -- as in the case of sporting events or pop culture -- something they are familiar enough with to know they will enjoy.

Works like Nutcracker or Swan Lake have broad brand-name recognition (though I did see only last week a reference in a reputable newspaper to someone having danced "The Dying Swan in Swan Lake.")

In contrast, relatively few people have the kind of experience with and education in ballet that would allow them to choose confidently from offerings of less familiar ballet programs.

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