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An amazing balletic circus performance

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Ilyaballet (a teacher at the Bolshoi) just posted this video saying: " Can not watch it to the end - scary."

The Sylvia Manon trio is composed of Miss Manon, Ray Borden and Victor Voley. The two huskies throw Miss Manon about in a thrilling adagio routine. Plenty of aerial spins and some exciting lifts and throws make the act a solid hit.

Billboard March 20, 1948

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Wow, now THAT'S a bit of dance history I'd never heard of! Mme. Hermine, congratulations for solving the mystery. I'm in awe.

The girl seems to have had ballet training. I admit to not liking the concept (perhaps because I come from the generation of 60s-70s feminism).

I was fascinated by the physics, however.

Does the woman have to relax completely before being thrown -- and then form herself into ballet poses? What explains those incredible tours en l'air: where is the torque coming from? how much is caused by the men throwing her? how much does she contribute once in air?

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There's more than that photo on that page!

Reduce, reduce, reduce the image and push it up and out of the frame until you see Dorothy Kilgannen's column. "Dorothy Kilgannen," we are informed, "is on vacation. Her guest columnist is an eminent crooner," a certain Frank Sinatra. Fun! Whoever wrote it captured his style. He advises aspiring singers to "Sing with a band. ... [T]here's no better schooling." Then he reminds us 21st century readers of his early day in the business, one-night stands across the country by bus. Easy to forget he wasn't always the Sinatra celebrated these days in Come Fly Away.

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