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Principal Reyneris Reyes-(ex CNB member)

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bart called my attention on the latest name on the MCB roster: Principal Reyneris Reyes, whose biography and photo aren't up on the website yet.

I hadn't heard his name in years. I remember him very well during the second half of the 90's, when he made a speedy ascension up the Cuban ranks right after his graduation. What I mostly remember from him was his beautiful supple posture and that he was a very popular bailarin among the young audience. By the time I left the island he had been out for a while, and I never knew of his whereabouts afterward. I just read online that he has been a member of Royal Winnipeg Ballet from 1999 to 2004, which he rejoined after a stint with Boston Ballet that ended in 2007.

I really hope that he can fill the gap left by Sarabita.

Well, in any case, welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami, cubanito !!! :flowers:

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This is good news that should really heat things up. I've been online researching Reyes' career in Boston and Winnepeg. He's danced a wide variety roles.

For those who know his work, what are the special strengths -- experience, dancer style, etc. -- that we can hope Reyes will bring to MCB? How will he fit into the repertory, company style, and esprit de corps we've become used to in Villella's company?

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Well...Reyneris gave the beginners class today-(which I've been taking for a while...still being as terrible as I was the first day... :blush: )- and he was a KILLER !!!! . Wow...we were all DEAD by the end of it, but it was really great :D .

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