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2010-11 Season Announcement


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Ballet Arizona has posted its next season's programs to the website:

November 5-7: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Mendelssohn/Andersen)

December 10-26: "The Nutcracker" (Tchaikovsky/Andersen)

February 11-13: "Don Quixote" (Minkus/Andersen)

March 25-27: Mixed Rep (at the Orpheum Theatre)

April 29-May 1: "Mosaik" (Eight composers, including Brahms, Chopin, Berlioz, Schubert, and Tchaikovsky/Andersen)

June 3-5: All Balanchine: "La Valse", "Monumentum pro Gesualdo", TBA.

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Ballet Arizona has put up its roster for 2010-11. While the company makes no announcement regarding changes, here’s a summary what I’ve gleaned from the web.



Chelsea Teel (Wilcox)

Ian Poulis is with Louisville Ballet

Heather Haar

Apprentice Matthew Poppe has joined Boston Ballet II.

Trainee Chloe Freytag is a School Apprentice with Miami City Ballet.

New Hires/Promotions

Elye Olson has returned to Ballet Arizona after some time with Ballet West.

Breanne Starke is a Walnut Hill grad and comes to Arizona after 5 or so seasons with Kansas City Ballet.

Zherlin Ndudi is a Ukranian who comes to Ballet Arizona via Miami City Ballet. He is listed as winning the silver medal at the World Ballet Competition in 2009 and the “Jury Award of Encouragement” from the United States IBC in 2006.

Megan Chmelik, who trained locally at Scottsdale Ballet, has been promoted from Trainee to Apprentice.

Amanda Eddleman has been promoted from Trainee to Apprentice.

Jessica Phillips has been promoted from Trainee to Apprentice.

Emma Fazuolli is a new trainee. She studied at the School of Ballet Arizona under Kee Juan Han and others, and is a graduate of SAB.

Allison Trumbull is a new trainee. She is a graduate of Harid Conservatory and attended Indiana University.

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