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Farrell Elected Amer. Acad. of Arts & Sciences Fellow

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Congratulations, Suzanne! And hurray!

The new Fellows and Foreign Honorary Members announced today join one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honorary societies.

I'll say. Founded in 1780, the Academy is older than the country itself. Wondering who her fellow Fellows were, I had a look at the names, 217 all told, in her class (Visual and Performing Arts), and found that the election of dancers and choreographers I recognized doesn't go back very far. Here they all are:

Suzanne Farrell '10

Trisha Brown '09

Bill T. Jones '09

Edward Villella '09

Jacques d'Amboise '07

Yvonne Rainer '07

Mark Morris '05

Twyla Tharp '93

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Well the country does go back a few more years, like 1776, but the Academy IS older than the Constitution.

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