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Corella Ballet in US Next Season

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Looks like they will also be in LA at the Ahmanson Theatre Nov 5-7, 2010! They will perform a rep program of "works by choreographers as Christopher Wheeldon, Clark Tippet, Stanton Welch and the flamenco dancer and choreographer María Pagés" So I guess pretty similar to what City Center got.

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Yes, the CBCL Ahmanson performance rep is the same as at NYCC with two exceptions--

1) CLEAR the first night, and FOR4 after. Both works give the men a chance to shine.

2) No additional pdd's other than SOLEA.

Still wondering about casting, but not concerned because I've seen them all, and know how talented they are.

Oh yeah, I'll be there too, but LAMC isn't as cooperative as NYCC; so, even though a LA audience is more likely to be interested in both Angel, CBCL, and film production, (and therefore a certain doc that exemplifies that) they may not get as much chance to see it as NYC did. The obtuseness behind this staggers me. :wallbash: If audiences are curious about the company, its formation, and its repertoire (at LAMC and elsewhere), then wouldn't they want to see some footage of all that(?!) So why prevent it? Screenings could help the company; maybe ballet in LA or at the LAMC by generating more interest; AND finally, my chances to finish the film before the next milleneum by getting people to realize how difficult that has been in this economy. (So would Angel's mentioning the doc's existance in all those interviews, which though contractually obligated, he has neglected to do.)

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Well, I'll be at the Sunday matinee. I've been wondering about casting too, though I don't have too much preference, aside from hoping for Cornejo to make an appearance somewhere (though he probably won't make it back from Havana with ABT in time).

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