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Is it possible to get tickets for a performance

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It has been recommended that I post on this board to inquire. My husband will be working in the Stuttgart area throughout the first week of May. He discovered that he is able to attend Giselle within this time. However, he discovered that they have sold out. Would anyone have an idea if there is another avenue for him to obtain a single ticket to attend a performance while he is there? He would enjoy seeing this ballet, as it isn't often that he gets to Europe. Any thoughts or experience in this?

Thank you!

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Well, never having been to Stuttgart, I shouldn't be giving advice here, but it is sometimes possible to phone the theatre directly and ask them to put you on a waiting list for a cancelled ticket, or alternatively queue at the theatre on the night of the performance in the hopes that someone cancels one on the night. But, as I say, whether that works at Stuttgart I wouldn't know.

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Based on my personal experience-(not with the Stuttgart specifically, which I'm not familiar with, but with theater attendance during my lifetime)-I would say just to go to the theater the night of the performance, in which some of the following can occur:

1-Someone has an extra ticket to sell...(and sometimes even just to give it away for free)

2-The theater sells tickets from a cancellation list.

3-When you inquire in the box office if there are tickets left for that night performance, you get the "Yes, we do" response, to which you happily get one while commenting "oh, but the website said it was sold out", to get the "Oh, wow...that's odd...no, we still have tickets left..." final words...

Just a thought.. :wink:

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Darlindancer, I just looked at the Stuttgart Website. It says indeed that the tickets for the performance on May 7 are sold out but there is also a hint at the website that there might be tickets available directly at the evening box office on the night of the performance. (As cubanmiamiboy pointed out someone might give a ticket back or a reserved ticket will not be collected.)

I saw the Stuttgart Giselle last November and I liked it very much. It was my first Giselle so I cannot compare it to other performances but I thought the second Act was absolutely heartbreaking.

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