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Swedish TV has graciously broadcast Hommage to Jerome Robbins from 2008 - a program from Arte. It was from the Palais Garnier and very well worth looking out for.

I have heard about "In the night", but never seen it and I found it wonderful. Now of course it would be nice to see the NYCB version of it. Agnes Letestu and Nicholas Le Riche amongst others. Then there was "The Concert" which I have also heard about but never seen. Sorry folks, the fault might be mine, but so called "funny" ballets are not quite my thing. I just didnt see anything there. Maybe the POB hadnt grasped the idea of it and it might be better with an American company.

Final ballet was "Triade" with choreography by Ben Millipied, which, although competently danced, was not my cup of tea either.

Has anybody seen this program? It would be nice to hear some American - and French for that matter - views.

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