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RDB Dancer Blogs

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For those with an interest, at least three RDB dancers have blogs:

The first two are in Danish. Use Google Translate to read them in fractured English

Bella Figura (http://bellafigura.cover.dk/) by Cecilie Lassen is a nice mix of fashion, art, and some ballet and personal items.

Fashion Bits (http://mathilde-fashionbits.blogspot.com/) by Mathilde Søe is all fashion.

Mixed Nuts (http://rhymeswithdarling.blogspot.com/) by Carling Talcott is humorously subtitled "[DUBIOUS] LIFE LESSONS FROM AN EXPATRIATE BALLERINA CHILD."

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Carling Talcott's blog is especially well worth keeping an eye on: today she's just put up some nice rehearsal shots of Serenade, and other entries give a nice picture of the life of a dancer learning to live in, and love, a new city - and a new language.

(According to the RDB site, incidentally, Kim Brandstrup's new piece for the women is actually called 'Eid♀lon' and the one for the men, obviously, 'Eid♂lon'.)

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