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Bolshoi in London 2010


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I've posted this in another forum but I'll try here as well as I'm due to book today:

I'm hoping to see the Bolshoi at ROH in August.

Can you list these ballerinas in order of must-see:

Svetlana Zakharova

Ekaterina Krysanova

Natalie Osipova


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I think it depends on which ballet/s you want to see. I tend to agree with Mashinka, though. Although she's much improved since I first saw her, I will probably never like Zakharova, who then, as a very young dancer with the Kirov, was all about how high she could hold her leg. She's become a bit more nuanced since moving to the Bolshoi, but I still find her extensions unattractive, and not enough in other aspects of her dancing to compensate.

Ospiova will give you a thrill-ride in Don Q, super jumper and turner that she is. She has a wonderfully effervescent personality that suits Kitri.

But for my money (which, granted, is not involved here), I'd see Alexandrova in anything. She is a complete artist with a strong technique who radiates warmth.

Let us know whom you choose, in which ballet/s, and your overall response to the performance. Okay? Thanks!

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I, too, would see Alexandrova in anything.

Between Osipova and Krysanova it's harder: I would be happy with either, because while Osipova already has a lauded interpretation of Kitri, I love seeing dancers grow, and I love to see dancers as they take on roles early in their careers. Krysanova was a wonderful Gamzatti in "La Bayadere" last year.

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I'm a little late to this discussion so it may make no difference, but here goes:

Zakharova (whom I have seen 3-4 times) is one of the recent breed of super long limbed, hyper extended ballerinas--at any given moment she can be rather fascinating to watch, but the sum total of her performances is not perhaps as artistically satisfying as one would hope (at least in the performances I have seen). Moreover unlike Guillem (to name another controversial dancer with high extensions, but one I adore), Zakharova is not above distorting line and even music to achieve her ultra over-stretched effects. I agree that she has gotten better as she has gotten more mature and I have even enjoyed her performances...she can be charming and if you absolutely love the hyperextended look you might like her.

I have seen Alexandrova just three times, but feel very confident you cannot miss if you get a ticket to see her. She is excellent- and better than excellent. Every moment is intelligently and fully realized and she has a terrifically 'natural' quality when she dances--as if she breathes classical ballet.

I saw Osipova a few years back in a solo role and more recently saw her in a major role (Giselle). I was genuinely blown away by the latter performance. As that implies, I also think she is more than a thrill ride (though her Kitri might be that...); I found her imaginative and moving as well as exciting. Another ballet lover who posts on ballet talk once described her as a "force of nature" and I think that captures her perfectly...Since I saw her dance last year I have been literally counting the days until I can see her again. (I'm hoping that will be London but don't know.)

(Krysanova I have never seen in a major role--though I remember seeing her in a solo in Corsaire...she was lovely and I hope one day to see more of her...)

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I have seen Krysanova in a leading role as Cinderella and there is no doubt she can carry an entire ballet effortlessly: she has a huge talent in a tiny frame.

Although I'll agree that Zakharova has improved at the Bolshoi, her basic style of dancing still lacks the beauty and technical finish of her Moscow colleagues but it is her lack of dramatic involvement that worries me most with every role she dances almost identical in interpretation. I shall have to see her in London as I have booked for Tsiskaridze and she dances with him in Giselle (btw, where is Svetlana Lunkina his usual partner in the role?) but I wish he were dancing with someone/anyone else.

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Thanks all. Very informative. In the end unfortunately I had to take what I could get. I wanted to see Don Q and I wanted front row seats! Having had the Mariinsky ruined last year by sitting in row 2 & having to peer round someone's head the seating was more important than the performer as I knew they'd all be good. I started on the phone at 10 am when booking opened and it was 5pm before I got through! ( I wasn't holding all that time by the way - it was just giving engaged tone). I did start with Osipova and worked down but by that time everything was gone. However in the end I managed to get Sunday matinee row A so although it's with Zakharova I'm sure it'll be brilliant. At least the Bolshoi,like the Royal Ballet,put top performers for matinees. I went to see the Kirov a few years ago and they seemed to give the reserve team a run out in the afternoon.

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I chose Maria Alexandrova in Coppelia and Vasiliev's opening night in Spartacus.

For Giselle I selected Anna Nikulina because she's unknown to me in a major role;

and the same for Paquita: Anzhelina Vorontsova with the charismatic Tsiskaridze.

Ekaterina Krysanova is my favorite of all Bolshoi soloists.

If casting doesn't change, I'll be seeing her in Serenade and Petrushka.

Osipova will perform in Ratmansky's Russian Seasons.

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Well I'm back. Went to see Don Q sunday matinee on 8 August. Following suggestions I wanted to see Osipova but could only get tickets for Zakharova. As it happened Z. was injured so O. took on Kitri.

I was also trebly fortunate that not only did I get front row seats but Vasiliev danced Basil. Outstanding! It was the most appreciative audience I've seen at the ROH and the pair got an 8 minute standing ovation - never seen that before.The soloists were very good also and the corps de ballet were extremely disiplined.Add that the costumes were outstanding and it was one of ,if not the best, ballet performances I've seen. The grand pas was worth the ticket price alone.

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