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external competition-30 june 2010

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An expressionless performance, but wow, technically Gilbert was very polished even as an advanced student. Her control is amazing. I'd love to see what she'd do with Balanchine's Walpurgisnacht -- to the same music -- especially since she's more developed artistically now.

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My daughter is 16 and she sent a letter and some photos and was very surprised to be invited to the audition on the 30th. She is pretty scared as she doesn't know how many people will be in the audition and what to expect. I kind of think she might be wasting her time as I understand there are only four places available this year and the audition is open to 16-25 year olds so I guess there'll be some amazing dancers competing! Does anyone have experience of doing the audition?

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cygneblanc, thank you for those very interesting links. annadu, all best luck to your daughter. Like you, I'm interested in hearing from others who have experience --- from participating or watching -- of this audition.

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there will be a ballet lesson teached by a POB's professor, probably Elisabeth Maurin.

The first round is the barre, the second round the center work and the third round is Cleopatra's variation.

Most of the dancers are eliminated after the first round.

FRom what I've been told, the experience is quite intense, but it could be worth the trip if she's only competing for the experience.

A lot of very strong dancers will be there (about 100) so if were you, I just would take the opportunity as a learning experience!

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Women :

1. Lucie Fenwick, won a permanent position

2. Camille de Bellefon

3. Alice Leloup

4. Mélissa Patriarche

5. Calista Ruat

6. Jacqueline Tirabassi

7. Bérénice Baza

8. Juliette Jacq

9. Victoire Debay

10. Clothilde Tran Phat

11. Caroline Osmont

12. Dalila Sapori

Men :

1. Mathieu Contat

2. Mike Derrua

3. Maxime Thomas

4. Antonin Monin-Cesse

5. Neven Ritmanic

6. Thomas Biezka

7. Irlan Santos Da Silva

8. Joseph Gordon

9. Natan Bouzy

10. Nans Pierson

11. Claudio Coviello

12. Elio Clavel

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I just wonder also about the others, are they all at the school still or dancing with companies, for example Calista Ruat, she seemed to have been in the 1st division for a long time. do you happen to know what the average age is for corps de ballet?

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According to POB, the average for the corps de ballet is 25 years old.

Calista just turned 19 years old. She's going to begin her second year with the corps de ballet. She repeated twice the first division, because she was 15 years old during the first one.

As for the others:

Camille is 21, but is a graduate from the National Conservatory of Paris, Alice is 19 (graduated from the school in 2009) , Melissa (graduated in 2008) 20 and Juliette 18 (graduated in 2009). They will be with the compagny for the second or third year.

Victoire is 17, Caroline is 18 and Clothilde is 16. They were part of this year graduating class, and did dance some performances with the compagny while being pupils of the school. Clothilde will probably repeat her year.

I don't know the others girls. I've heard that Miss Tirabassi is coming from Milano's Scala's school.

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