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unidentified, undated performance shots

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the two photos scanned here have no identifying info. on them.

i wonder if any one has a hunch or more about the company, etc.

could the Benno in the SWAN LAKE photo be D. Romanoff?

with thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.



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I would guess they are both early Ballet Theatre. In the Sylphides photo the girl fifth from the right (leaning to her right) resembles Muriel Bentley---such a lovely expression on her face. In the Swan Lake photo it surely does look like Romanoff and I would guess the Ballerina is Nana Gollner---she had the same high instep shown in the extended leg---and she was always rather sloppy about the turnout of the supporting leg...... :)

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Photos of Nana Gollner's face-- searchable on Google Images -- suggest that you are right about Gollner, atm711. A 2005 selection from your Ballet Talk blog, "Ruminations" showed up during my search.

Nana Gollner was the big surprise. She had the glamour, beauty and innate sexiness of a Hollywood star.
What a wonderful visual memory you have.


I noticed that Gollner toured a great deal with her husband Paul Petroff, including a 1947 UK tour of Swan Lake. The quality of the photograph -- and of the set and costumes -- seems quite high. Higher than a touring company in those days would have been capable of.

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