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The new ballet by Angelin Preljocaj on Bruno Mantovani commissioned score premiered in Opéra Bastille March 18. It’s a very interesting ballet, quite beautiful on the life of Siddharta Gautama. Pure Preljocaj but with some classical references. There are some really brilliant male pas de deux and staging is quite stunning. It will be aired live on Mezzo channel April 9.

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Here is a link to a television report about Angelin Preljocaj's new work, Siddharta, for the Paris Opera Modern Dance Ensemble Ballet.

Too funny! (But the truth, alas.)

Mr. Preljocaj wears a scarf very nicely, though.

I agree ;)

I read some great stories about this ballet though and Preljocaj's with POB are a great combination.

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Superlative dancers as always, but the piece doesn't intrigue me at all, neither the movement nor the music. Has an immediately pretentious atmosphere, I found, but then I couldn't even stand the Herman Hesse book. They choose some unusual figures, real and mythical, at POB, I thought 'Caligula' a more original idea (whether or not successful) than Siddhartha. Maybe Graham could have done it, but I doubt she would have cared to.

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