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Baron Adolph De Meyer Fashion/Ballet Photos

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I am so ignorant of such things I just wandered through the Chelsea gallery district, as is my wont when I can, and found this gorgeous huge show of De Meyer's photos. Sexy photo of Nijinsky in 'Afternoon of a Faun'. but mostly socialites and some movie stars. You mean you haven't seen your requisite rare Ina Claire photo? They've got it. Plus Hedda Hopper in repose on a chaise longue. Pretty campy, that last one, as are also some utterly hilariously mannered photos of Mary Garden and Cecile Royale. More seriously beautiful one of Eleanora Duse, and good one of Ellen Terry. Also campy is one of the Vanderbilts in a Red Cross uniform leaning agaist a small chest and standing with feet crossed. There are several other buxom Vanderbilts, and unusual things like a young Mrs. Havemeyer, plus early perfume ads for old Vanity Fair, etc., Through April 3rd, this is a great show. There is a formidable 'Miss J. Ranken', who is quite frightening, and is like some of the New England ladies in the movies from Henry James novels. There are several good self-portraits of the Baron too, and lots of the Baronesse. This is the main show that BTers would fancy, I imagine.


This has a group show, looked okay, I mention mainly for connoisseurs of gallery spaces, this is a beautiful, relatively new gallery, 4 years old only, and has remarkable exposed beams vertical and horizontal at the ceiling, in both cases in three layers of wood, each layer of different sizes. Really spectacular new space.


This is only two more days, but those into the brilliantly bizarre ought to catch this Child of the Cultural Revolution gone seemingly mad sometimes: Yun-Fei Ji has dozens of man/animal combination creatures who are also hermaphrodites, the most extraordinary being a half-elephant half-man whose is 9 months pregnant and also wearing a bulging jockstrap. A half-pelican half-pony is observing the first creature's unusual accomplishments. There are, in fact, many pelicans and vultures throughout this dizzying exhibition. I totally endorse this brilliant show.

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dirac--forgot to mention that Charles Hemminger of San Francisco was the architect for that gallery with the beautiful wood. I've never been to S.F., but once saw a magazine spread in the 80s of some beautiful old restaurants that used wood wonderfully, but cannot remember the name of it. A friend had told me that that was a specialty in S.F. in using wood so well in interiors.

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