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American Idol...Ballet

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This is rather a long shot question, but on tonight's American Idol (Wednesday elimination show) Siobhan Magnus was wearing a very cute t-shirt with a genuine classical ballet image on it -- it looked like one of those artsy photos companies use for brochures, with a ballerina in a classical tutu on point in attitude en arriere posed as if suspended above the back (?) of a male dancer, his body seemingly folded forward...Not too many ballet sightings on hit television shows so it caught my attention. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the t-shirt and perhaps recognized it from some company's merchandise...Since one critic that I saw quoted on a website had called Siobhan a "dark ballerina" in her performance the night before I wondered if perhaps a show stylist picked it out for her. But if I learned she picked it out herself that would be enough to earn her additional votes from me...

(um...er...not that I actually vote....very often)

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