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Cynthia Harvey, on Corella Ballet and Spanish ballet in general

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Thanks to CarolinaM for the link to this interview (conducted last fall at Sitges) with Cynthia Harvey. Harvey, now based with her family in Britain, was able to observe Corella Ballet, at the studio and in performance. She also participated in the audition process. She knows a number of the dancers and is clearly interested in the status of dance in Spain.

It's nice to see an ABT star from the past obviously doing (and looking!) so well ! :unsure:


C.M.: You also participated as jury when he made auditions for his company. How has the experience been?

C.H.: Yes, I did participate in the auditions. It was a marvellous opportunity to see the level of ballet in España.

With Mihail Barhysnikov in Swan Lake

And how did you find it (the level) to be?

The level that came to audition was very high. I remember all of us sitting there astounded. We did not think that the process of choosing could take so long. YES, there were many very young and inexperienced student/dancers auditioning but there were also many people wishing to be seen from other companies. There were probably one third Spaniard and the rest from all over the world.

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