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Sleeping Beauty

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I love when BAZ does story ballets!!! The first thought that comes to mind with this ballet is ELABORATE. From the sets to the costumes to the “Special effects” (although not something you usually think about when it comes to ballet, there was more than any other BAZ show I have seen). I went to see the show on Thursday night and it was spectacular with Zavarov and Smith. And I totally disagree with Nilsen on this one, both dancers were superb. I am so happy these shows ALL sold out! I hope that sends a message to Anderson about story ballets.

I was really happy to see Elye Olson again. He was very comical as Catalabutte.

Magnicaballi as the Lilac Fairy was exquisite. She danced so royally and seemed untouchable. I felt every little girl in the audience just watching her and imagining being her. Unfortunately her cavalier faded into the background. Actually all the cavaliers seemed to fade into the background. The Fairies were so beautiful I didn’t see anything else. I loved every single one of the fairies (Huang, Mahowald, Barrell, Mitchell and Imayoshi) each different and unique.

Carabosse was phenomenal! Crowley took my breath away. She was creepy and evil and wicked. And that vehicle she arrived and exited in was awesome. Her creatures were spine-chilling as well.

I was so pleased at how well Smith is doing in the company. She is a beautiful dancer and looks so young and free on stage. Not to mention her falling asleep scene was so believable.

I was not really thrilled with either the garland waltz or the rose adagio. It was a combination of the costumes and I thought it was just a tad boring.

I thought the hunt scene was charming. Huang is lovable in this part, and it is Zavarov’s entrance :blushing: . I also thought it was a good use of the older students of School of Ballet Arizona. I also loved the forest scene; the costumes on the corps were very pretty.

Campbell and Wozniak proved a cute pair. I enjoyed the choreography and masks. Mitchell and Cavanaugh were great. I loved the humor, in the miming/acting, at the end. Wilcox and Marshalsay were a bit odd together though. Wilcox danced beautifully but Marshalsay appeared to lack a bit of stamina. I know this is probably the hardest part in the whole show, so I think Anderson should have saved him for Bluebird and not had him in every other part in the show. Yes, we like to see him, but not when he looks like he has been run ragged. I thought the polonaise/mazurka was a little boring and unnecessary. The show would have still been complete without it and we would have been able to stretch our legs a tad sooner. Sort of on that note-can they turn the lights on for the pauses? How can we check our programs or stand up in our seating area without stepping on people or our belongings?

The pas was stunning. Smith and Zavarov really shined in these roles and had great chemistry together. Of course the technique was flawless, but what stunned me was the effortlessness of it all.

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