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Malakhov's La Peri

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Diana Vishneva danced the lead in the premiere, ..

Thank you for the information. It's beautiful.

However, why does the honor of performing the title role on the first night go to Vishneva? OK she is an almighty star, but it is not surprising enough. It should have been Miyako Yoshida instead!

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I had a different question in mind, why Vishneva and why not one of the Staatsballett`s first soloists? Everyone, Salenko, Saidakova, Nakamura, Semionova, they are all as perfect as Diana Vishneva (who was nevertheless very etherial, light, graceful, but a little bit... lacklustre).

Best Regards from the balcony of the Staatsoper Berlin :wink:

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I like Salenko, Saidakova, Nakamura very much, but I must say that they are not such good as Diana. Diana has such a beautiful, pure style. There is something so elegant and charmful about her . She is the best :clapping:

PS I love dancers from Staatsballett Berlin :lol: .

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