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YAGP: Final Round & Stars of Tomorrow ... Gala

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I have one seat each for the YAGP final round (Thursday night) and the Stars of Tomorrow Meet the Stars of Today gala (Friday night). The YAGP seat is in the rear orchestra, the gala ticket near center of the first row of Rear Mezz. Hoping to sell for face value but (as the date nears) am willing to consider less. I purchased them on Oct. 11, so they are about as good as can be got at the price. :wink:

Stars of Tomorrow Meet Stars of Today, Friday, March 26 $55.

Final Round YAGP, rear-mid orch, center Thur, March 25 $25.

PM me if you're interested.

Of course, the young YAGP finalists have yet to be announced, but here, according to YAGP's website, is the lineup for Stars of Today:

  • Misty Copeland - (American Ballet Theatre)
  • Blaine Hoven - (American Ballet Theatre)

  • Michele Wiles - (American Ballet Theatre)

  • Polina Semionova - (Berlin State Opera Ballet)

  • Dmitry Semionov - NY Debut (Berlin State Opera Ballet)

  • Antonio Marquez - NY Debut (Compania Antonio Marquez, Madrid)

  • Yevgenia Obraztsova - NY Debut (Mariinsky Ballet)

  • Joaquin De Luz - (New York City Ballet)

  • Mathilde Froustey - NY Debut (Paris Opera Ballet)

  • Mathias Heymann - (Paris Opera Ballet)

  • Sarah Lamb - (The Royal Ballet)

  • Friedemann Vogel - NY Debut (Stuttgart Ballet)

  • Wang Yi - (Tulsa Ballet)
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You can go to our Galas and Commemorations Forum and scroll through for discussions of previous years' events. Members should feel free to open a new topic to discuss this year's galas and post their reviews.

Meanwhile, I'm going to close this topic, because this is not a place to discuss performances, and the ticket offered for sale has been placed in the hands of someone who I hope turns out to be a happy audience member.

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