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Contact John Prinz

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For my book about the late Eric Johnson, who danced briefly as "Vladimir Sparinsky," I would like to connect with John Prinz, who joined NYCB in the 1960's, about the time that Eric/Vladimir aspired to that company. Several independent sources have informed me that Eric and John Prinz were friendly.

Any information will be appreciated.



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if memory serves John Prinz was involved with a new jersey school of ballet not long ago for a ballet program given at the ailey studio theater.

i wonder if you did a web search of his name with an eye toward new jersey that you'd find a connection.

i can't now think of anyone who might know his contact information.

a NYTimes search of his name might get you a review of the somewhat recent show and thus lead to the name of the org. where you might send communication about reaching him.

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