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Ballet Nouveau Colorado's "Love, An Internal Affair"

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I attended Ballet Nouveau Colorado's Love, An Internal Affair last Saturday (Feb. 13). The "An Internal Affair" portion of the title stems from all 6 of the mostly very short pieces having been choreographed by the BNC's artistic director, Garrett Ammon, (2 of the 6) or by dancers in the company.

One might think that a dance program about love would be filled with emotion. In this case, the expectation would not have been fulfilled. There wasn't a trace of emotion or sentimentality, other than some only partially successful attempts at humor. I don't know if it was out of modesty or company policy that none of the dancers appeared in their own works. When the Colorado Ballet presents dances choreographed by their own dancers (usually at special events for season ticket holders or patrons), the choreographer has always danced.

Only the final dance, which was one of the two choreographed by Ammon, was classical ballet (his other work could hardly even be called a dance - more of a short pantomine). He used snippets of Tchiakovsky's scores for Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty. This was the only one that I found at all interesting, though not interesting enough that I remember anything specific about it. They emailed a survey to me a few days after the performance. I gave it a '1'.

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