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Contemporary Dance Side Step Festival

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Yesterday I went to see a couple of performances from the Side Step Festival

The Side Step Festival is a biennial international festival organised by Zodiak Center for New Dance.


The festival consists of performances, workshops, seminars and artist dialogues. The Zodiak Center is a great venue housed in several edgy decorated basements in a rough looking building located in an old industrial section of the city. The place has art galleries, dance studios and other gathering places where book discussions and lectures also take place. There was also a buffet being served, and many candles all over the place. A very artsy atmosphere.

The house was FULL packed of mainly youngsters, the majority showing some edgy looks and avant garde fashion statements. I could tell that this type of events has some loyal following among the young members of society here.

Talking with a very nice girl I found out that the main goal of the Side Step Festival, which is run by dancers and choreographers, is to disseminate amongst the audience more information about the different trends within contemporary dance, its working methods and practitioners, The festival has the aim of creating an intimate atmosphere in which the interaction between dancers and choreographers and the audience may be deepened. Artist from home and abroad also encounter one another in the ‘artist dialogue’ debates, where the festival’s artists presents their starting points, approaches and views on dance to the audience. Visiting international dance pedagogues have also offered dance professionals workshops on methods and techniques that are used within contemporary dance.

And then there were the performances. :thumbsup:

Both were edgy, weird modern productions beyond my limited comprehension, so I better post the links .

Note of interest, at least to my US standards: BOTH performances displayed full, LOOOONG frontal nudes, both male and female. The stage was less than 5 feet from the audience, which seemed very used to the trend.

I SOLO MENT. Performed by Dario Tortorelli and Cecilia Moisio.


RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITIONIST. Performed by Miguel Gutierrez (US):


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