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:thumbsup: Over the past few days I have been trying very hard to find out how I can obtain copies of the followinf DVD's. Please can any members help with information ? I have tried the main suppliers to no avail. They are all on YouTube so must be released now.

L'Arlesienne (Mezzo) Paris Opera Ballet Jeremie Belingard, Eleanora Abnagato

Casse Noisette Nureyev POB Jeremie Belingard Myrium Ould Braham

Raymonda Nureyev POB Marie Agnes Giilot Nicholas Le Riche

Thank you in advance for your help.

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None of these ballets are yet released on DVD. They were only shown on TV.

L’Arlésienne was part of a Roland Petit triple bill from which only Carmen and Le Jeune Homme et la Mort made it from the TV broadcast to the DVD. Reasons unknown…

Nutcracker has long been delayed to even be broadcasted on TV. The ballet was due to be filmed with different dancers (Major Principal dancers) but because of the 2007 strikes and injuries, it turned out to be those two… However it was filmed because it was to be shown on Christmas day that year by one of the Public channels. It was only broadcasted fully this Christmas.

Raymonda has the full cast chosen by POB but it was too only shown this year in its entirety. They had a lot of technical problems on stage during the filming and perhaps it was difficult to edit. However it’s only one year since they recorded it which is quite fair, while Nutcracker is two??? Raymonda has 5 Principal dancers, I guess this one is gonna make it to the DVD soon or later, especially now they took time to edit it.

POB released The Lady of the Camellias and Orpheus and Eurydice in the meantime, perhaps they are waiting a bit to spread the releases?

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Thamk you very much,Silvermash on two of the Ballets it has the word MEZZO on the clips on YouTube. I have been told this is a Japanese outlet, but cannot find anything else about it up to now. Do you know if it was broadcast in any connection with MEZZO France? I have found the other Raymonda's that have been mentioned on Ballet Talk, and have already got the Bolshoi one with Bessmertnova. I saw it live in London when the Bolshoi came to The Collaseum and it was brilliant, a much better production I imagine (from clips I have seen) than Nureyev's for POB.All the same I would like to see the latter live sometime, but with different cast to the current film.

Hopefully we will be able to get Fred Wisemans Danse soon, his production company is Zipporah Films, and I got the ABT earlier documentary direct from them.

Luckily I did make a play list up of L'Arlesienne so I can watch it in the correct order on my computer

Seems as if there are gonna be a few DVD's to save up for!!!!.

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