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:thumbsup: £3.99 plus P & P. A real bargain Sir Peter Wright's Nutcracker 2000, with Alina Cojocaru, Ivan Petrov, Jonanthon Cope, Sir Antony Dowell. I recently purchased this offer DVD, and was thrilled to receive it very quickly. Found it to be an excellent production which does not seem dated.also with interesting bonus section. It was well worth the £5 ,49 it cost. I am not sure if it would be cpmpatable in the USA without a multi regioh player, but should be okay in Europe.
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What does the back of the box say? If it's region-free and NTSC, it should play on any American or Japanese player. There was a time when Opus Arte produced separate PAL and NTSC versions for different markets, but the Region 0 NTSC format has become standard for them.

I don't shop at Amazon.co.uk that often because the prices are generally much higher than they are in North America, but once in a while they do offer very deep discounts, and if you're ordering from North America, the VAT is deducted. I've found that if I order five items, the deducted VAT usually covers the shipping costs. If I order six items or more, the discount is even greater, so I end up paying less than the listed price.

There's always a risk of getting zapped with customs fees on arrival, but it happens to me infrequently.

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Costs from £14.99 today. You did well to get it for £5.99.

That was a great buy, it is a very good production, I like Sir Peter Wrights work, he is one of the old school, similar to Pierre Lacotte, they keep the production authentic revising the original ballet as true to it's early choreography as they can.

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