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Amanda Weingarten Promoted to Soloist

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Thanks, Helene. In the video, Weingarten mentions several principal parts that have given her the sense that she was "on the right track." One was the Dark Angel in Serenade, last spring. I went back to my cast sheet and found that I had jotted: "beautiful !"

In Program II in West Palm Beach she danced the Third Variation in Divertimento No. 15. Kronenberg also danced this at one performance I saw. There are similarities between these two dancers -- physical beauty, long legs, a naturally warm and alluring smile, and a stage presence that holds your attention.

The stand-out performance for me was from Company B (in Program One), dancing a beautiful adagio pas de deux ("There Will Never Be Another You") with Didier Bramaz. This is the saddest and (for me) most moving of the selections in Taylor's piece. At the end, Bramaz must leave her to join the dreamlike line of of men marching slowly off to war. Weingarten remains alone downstage, sitting on the floor, knees bent to the side. She looks out to the audience and must hold that pose for an extended period of time. Projecting intense feeling while motionless is NOT easy to do. I could not take my eyes from her.

In the video, Weingarten mentions that she will have the chance to dance the Strip Tease Girl (Slaughter on Tenth Avenue) in Fort Lauderdale. (This is a signature Kronenberg role.) If I were free this coming weekend, I'd definitely drive down.

Jack, you HAVE to tell us what you think after you see that.

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