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Festival Ballet Theatre Sets new Box-Office Record for Barclay Theatre

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Festival Ballet Theatre has had another record-breaking run with the Nutcracker at the Irvine Barclay Theatre in Irvine, CA with really wonderful performances by their ABT guest artists (my goodness, Paloma Herrera has an amazing foot!). It really amazes me what a fun tradition this has become, even with the economy so bleak.

I just wanted to let anyone interested, that Southland Ballet Academy, which is the school associated with Festival Ballet Theatre, has just opened a second studio for those students wishing to attend Southland but the commute makes it inconvenient to do so. Is is a really gorgeous new facility as can be seen by the photos at the website.


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The full-length Don Quixote March 20-21 looks very interesting, especially with the two ABT principals. But one frustration with the Barclay Theatre's on-line ticket ordering is that you don't know which seat they are assigning to you. A nice diagram on the site shows where all the seat numbers are, but you don't seem to have an option to decline a particular seat and ask them to search for another before you make an actual purchase, which is now common for on-line ordering.

Am I missing something in the on-line ordering? Or is this just open seating?

Also, they show a different price for students and seniors -- but never define "senior." Is it 60? 62? 65? 65+?

Thanks for any insight you can give me on this.

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Hi California!

It's nice to find someone in the same neck of the woods. :) I'm also looking forward to seeing Don Q with Gillian Murphy and Marcelo Gomes!

I agree, the Barclay's online ordering is a problem to me also. If you order online, they just assign you the best available ticket, according to whatever methods they use to determine the best seating at any given time. That has caused me to actually drive over to the Barclay's box office whenever I want tickets so that I can see what I'm getting. They have free parking spots at UC Irvine that are reserved for the box office sales outside the Barclay, which makes it easy to do. You just have to call for directions.

I realize that I could probably call on the telephone to the box office and discuss the seats with them while looking at the online seating chart and order them that way, however, since my daughter has ballet class over in that direction I usually just drive by.

I'm pretty sure the senior tickets start for those aged sixty and over, but you could discuss that with them via the telephone. (It does seems strange that they don't specify the age when you order the tickets).

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Thanks for the information. So it wasn't just my confusion in trying to use their on-line ticket ordering. I'm thinking of stopping by the theatre on my way to the Bolshoi Don Q next month so I can see for myself what seats they have. This is a major drawback in their ordering system, and it surprises me.

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