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New Aurelie Dupont Documentary by Cedric Klapisch

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:( Hello to our French Members, please can you help?

I am trying to find out about the above new documentary about Aurelie, it was started up to when she went on Materfnity leave in 2007, then resumed after the birth (I think) of her son Jacques.

It was annouced on a internet site it was to be broadcast on France 3 possibly on the 4th November 2009. But I cannot find it mentioned on France 3's site in their Culture box on the player. When telephoning them they could not find any reference to it, on any channel, for the latter part of 2009 or 3 weeks into the new year. So I am puzzled, have I got the wrong information?

Have any of you got any information or actually seen it please? Thank you Merci Boucoup.

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