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rg's Photos-2010

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Through 2006


Vera Folkina in Early Folkine (Added 1 Jan 10)

Street Dancer and Toreadors from 1900 Aleksandr Gorsky production of Don Quixote (Added 4 Jan 10)

Yvette Chauvire in Publicity Photo for New Hair Styles (Added 8 Jan 10)

Margaret Dale in the Pas de Trois from Lac des Cygnes (Added 1 Feb 10)

Program, Including Photo, for "Saying Goodbye to Darci" at the New York City Ballet Annual Luncheon (Added 10 Feb 10)

Nijinska's Les Cents Baiser with Basil's Ballets Russes (Added 13 Feb 10)

Alexandra Denisova (Added 14 Feb 10)

Maurice Bejart, Jorge Donn, and Suzanne Farrell (Added 1 Mar 10)

Belgian Stamp Featuring Jorge Donn for Bejart Ballet with Special Postmark (Added 3 Mar 10)

Publicity Photo for Vecheslova and Chabukiani US Tour (Added 3 Mar 10)

Camargo Ballet, 1932 Season Announcement (Added 25 Mar 10)

Herbert Ross Rehearsing Barbara Streisand and Tommy Rail in Swan Lake for the Movie Funny Girl (Added 6 Apr 10)

Irina Baronova in Les Sylphides (Added 8 Apr 10)

Tamara Grigorieva and David Lichine in a Ballet Russe Publicity Portrait (Added 12 Apr 10)

Album Cover for "Electronics", an LP "Produced by The New York City Ballet Company Under the Direction of George Balanchine (Added 4 May 10)

Annabelle Lyon as Queen of Hearts, Leda Anchutina as Queen of Spades, and William Dollar as The Joker in George Balanchine's The Card Party (Added 10 May 10)

Brochure for Alexis Kosloff's Ballet School in New York City (Added 10 May 10)

Nadezhda Pavlova (Added 13 May 10)

Back Jacket Text for "Electronics" LP (Added 16 May 10)

Caricature of Alexei Dmitrievich Bulgakov by Nicolai Gustavovich Legat (Added 20 May 10)

Caricature of Nadezhda Alekseevna Bakerkina by Nicolai Gustavovich Legat (Added 25 May 10)

Maria Taglioni, The Younger (II)? (Added 28 May 10)

1939 Photo of Lucia Chase and (Must Read) Caption (Added 4 Jun 10)

Marina Timofeyevna Semyonova (1908-2010) as Odile, with Y. Kondratiev as Siegfried (Added 9 Jun 10)

Janet Reed in Bouree Fantasque (Added 14 Jun 10)

John Prinz, John Clifford, Allegra Kent and Gelsey Kirkland in Dances at a Gathering (Added 14 Jun 10)

19th Century Slides of Le Corsaire (Added 17 Jun 10)

Yvonne Mounsey as The Siren in The Prodigal Son (Added 13 Jul 10)

Caricature of Mikhail Mikhailovich Fokine by the Brothers Legat (Added 13 Jul 10)

Ballet of the Elephants in Ringling Bros - Barnum & Bailey Circus Magazine 1942 (Added 15 Jul 10)

Legat Caricature of Ivan Nikolaevich Klustine (Added 19 Jul 10)

Legat Caricature of Aleksandr Ivanovich Chekrigin as Genariello in Graziella, or The Lover's Quarrel (Added 21 Jul 10)

Legat Caricature of P. A. Pereyaslavstev, Security Officer at the Bolshoi Theatre (Added 21 Jul 10)

Legat Caricature of Marius Petipa (Added 26 Jul 10)

Yaroslav Danilovich Sekh as Petrouchka (Added 27 Jul 10)

Portrait of Marius Petipa (Added 28 Jul 10)

Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpmann in "Aurora Pas de Deux" (Added 28 Jul 10)

Henning Kronstam and Mona Vangsaa in Royal Danish Ballet's Production of Frederick Ashton’s Romeo and Juliet on the Cover of Saturday Review, 29 September 1956 (Added 28 Jul 10)

Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet;s Sheilah O'Reilly and David Blair as Coppelia and Franz (Added 31 Jul 10)

Baronova and Lichine Lead Nijinska's Les Cent Baisers (Added 2 Aug 10)

Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes in Swan Lake (Added 4 Aug 10)

Portrait of Lucia Chase (Added 6 Aug 10)

19th Century Italian Ballerina Rita Sangalli (Added 11 Aug 10)

Gordon Hamilton as Hilarion (Added 13 Aug 10)

Lubov Nikolaevna Egorova (left) and Elene Mikhailovna Adamovich (right) in Swan Lake (Added 17 Aug 10)

Yvonne Mounsey Leads the Pas de Neuf from Balanchine's Swan Lake (Added 19 Aug 10)

An Evening with the Royal Ballet Stage Rehearsal (Added 30 Aug 10)

Printed Program for The White House Dance Series: A Tribute to Judith Jamison (Added 8 Sep 10)

Legat Caricature of Tamara Platonovna Karsavina (Added 10 Sep 10)

Legal Caricature of Taisiya Nikolaevna Kasatkina in "The Garland Dance" from The Sleeping Beauty (Added 20 Sep 10)

Maria Tallchief, Andre Eglevsky, and Corps in "Pas de Neuf" from Balanchine's Swan Lake (Added 27 Sep 10)

Vera Nemchinova and Robert Joffrey (Added 27 Sep 10)

Legat Caricature of Agrippina Yakovlevna Vaganova (Added 30 Sep 10)

Legat Caricature of Vasilii Dmitrievich Tikohmirov (Added 30 Sep 10)

Vakhtang Chabukiani on the Cover of a 1940 Souvenir Booklet (Added 5 Oct 10)

Vakhtang Chabukiani as Kerim in Partisan Days and The Slave in Le Corsaire (Added 5 Oct 10)

Vakhtang Chabukiani as Vatslav in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai and Djardji in Heart of the Hills (Added 5 Oct 10)

Vakhtang Chabukiani as Koloman in Raymonda and Frondoso in Laurencia (Added 5 Oct 10)

Portrait of Vakhtang Chabukiani as Honored Artist of the USSR and as Vladimir in Katerina (Added 5 Oct 10)

Portrait of Paris Opera Ballet Etoile Christiane Vaussard (Added 7 October 10)

Three Photos from PAMTTG (Added 17 Oct 10)

Legat Caricature of Lubov Andreevna Roslavleva (Added 22 Oct 10)

Legat Caricature of Elena Dmitrievna Polyakova (Added 25 Oct 10)

PAMTTG (Added 27 Oct 10)

Nikolai Aleksandorvich Solyannikov as Von Rothbart (Added 29 October 10)

Three Images of PAMTTG (Added 29 Oct 10)

Elsa Ivanova Vill (aka Will) and Mikhail Konstantinovich Obukhov (Added 30 Oct 10)

Alla Osipenko as Sari in Path of Thunder (Added 2 Nov 10)

Legat Caricature of Lydia Georgievna Kyaksht (Kyakshto) (Added 3 Nov 10)

Three Photos of Lydia Georgievna Kyaksht as Sylvia (Added 3 Nov 10)

Vera Zorina in Louisiana Purchase (Added 11 Nov 10)

Two Steel Engravings of the Premiere of Sylvia (Added 4 Dec 10)

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