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I would like to assemble an "All Star" Swan Lake...the best on DVD act by act..if possible. Give your nominations and your reasons why...

For Act 3..... I nominate - ABT / Kevin Mckenzie

The various dances by the foreign contingents are well done by the Corps.

Gillian Murphy's Odile is Sizzlling/Dazzlling! I also like the " I'm the Daughter of a Sorcerer...you're JUST a prince" haughtiness.

Angel Corella's Siegfried in both acting and Dancing is superb! His reaction to Rothbart's and Odile's entrance, his partnering of Gillian, the " I'm gonna wring yer neck fer trick'in me" attack on Odile and her subsequent vanishing from the stage make for a good all around act 3 performance.

Marcello Gomes's Rothbart enthralling the court with his dancing with the 4 princesses...also the stare-down between he and Wolfgang during the Black Swan PPD.

When the deception is reveled..sufficient pandemonium ensues..Rothbart and Odile gloat...Siegfried rushes to strangle Odile...Odile vanishing into thin air...Ms. Parkinson(RIP) fainting...you just gotta have the queen faint...

All this makes this Act 3 of Swan lake IMO the most logical storywise..the best dancewise and musically the best performed of the act 3's that are available on Youtube.

For act 1.....I nominate the Theatro LaScala's Swan lake. I like the interplay between Roberto Bolle's Siegfried and Antonio Sutera's Jester.

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