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Daughter of Darci Kistler, Peter Martins in Teen Vogue

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Talicia Martins, daughter of Darci Kistler and Peter Martins, is featured in the Feb. issue of Teen Vogue. There's photos of Talicia and archive ones of Kistler and Martins dancing solo, as well as one of them rehearsing. Talicia does not want to dance but to act.

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Talicia played a non speaking role in a production I saw about 2 years ago of King Lear at the Public Theater in New York.(It was a really bad production, with Kevin Kline as Lear.) I've also seen her at various NYCB performances. She is a very pretty young lady.

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A lot of young girls tend to want to dance or act - or both. Anything that involves a lot of people admiring them.

In my experience young girls today who just want to be admired want to be pop singers or models, or better yet, celebrities without working at actually developing any skills, a la Paris Hilton. They certainly don't want to sweat at the barre every day!

I bet young Miss Martins has a pretty realistic understanding of what a career in the theatre demands. I hope she realizes her dreams.

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