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Seattle Opera's education director Perry Lorenzo has died (much too young). I'm not even going to try and list his accomplishments for the organization, except to say that I know people who became opera subscribers based solely on his enthusiasm for the art form. Artistic director Speight Jenkins wrote a lovely appreciation here.

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For those who don't frequent Seattle Opera, it may be difficult to imagine just what a huge presence Perry was to this community. There is but one Perry Lorenzo.....he is irreplaceable. My wife and I are profoundly affected by this loss.

Perry had a way of making presentations that were not only superbly entertaining, but also, and more importantly, presentations that gave you insight not only into the operas themselves, but also into how that opera, or that composer, fit into the larger picture of the time including: politics, other arts, personal foibles, literature, history, sexual peccadillos, and more often than not into the roots of Greek drama or perhaps the Catholic church -- basically you name it, Perry demonstrated convincingly how it was related. I go to lots of lectures on all sorts of subjects, and no one, and I mean no one, has ever had me see such insight into a work of art as did Perry. Like many, I suspect, I feel what little I know about opera, I owe to Perry.

He will be missed more than any of us can possibly say.

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