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Astrological signs and your favorite dancer...

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Being a Christian by belief....Astrology is not in my view of the universe..

.....BUT...just for fun.....

I looked up some of my favorite dancers to see if we may get along if we were together...

I am a Cancer...a water sign...

Gillian Murphy...she's an Aries...fire sign...Water with Fire...Opposite ends of the zodiac....not doable unless the Cancer grows a backbone. Rats!...she's my first love as far as ballerinas go....

Darcy Bussell....Tarus...Earth sign.....Earth and Water....That makes a good match.. :wink:

Aurelie Dupont..Capricorn...Earth sign...Earth and Water...but we're born 90 degress from each other..a difficult match..again RATS....

Anyone else care to play????

( Com'on people..lighten up a little!)

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The number of great male dancers who are Pisces, starting with Nijinsky and Nureyev, is astounding. I went through the Oxford Dictionary of Ballet once when I was laid up with flu and counted about 30 of principal level or above. That should keep you busy! (Pisces rules the feet and ankles.)

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Sounds like a potentially combustible relationship, Farrell Fan, but if I remember correctly, it can work.

What a fun topic, iczerman. As Alexandra says, a good parlor game. :smilie_mondieu: Pisces rules the feet and blood circulation, I think it is, but Aquarius rules ankles and legs (Balanchine was an Aquarius).

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If you're really interested in such things...On the internet, I once saw a complete astrological chart drawn up for a dancer, but have no idea if it predicted great things or not. I am inclined to think so, though, so it would look more accurate after-the-fact. Perhaps there are other examples too?

Personally, I've always been glad Margot Fonteyn and I shared a birthday. And later I found out David Hallberg does too. :-)

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Suzanne Farrell is a Leo and I am an Aries -- both fire signs. Is that good?

It doesn't matter in your case, you're just very fond of each other for far more important reasons (even if they coincide, I'd subsume the astrological considerations to the others.). I have, though, thought of Suzanne's astrological sign fairly often, because despite various other aspects of her persona, she has a natural glamour, and that is always associated with Leo--there's a natural gloss. It's something I've seemed to think they have even when they try to cover it up. You can see it even in the childhood picture, I forget where to find it. It's not something I usually think about much, except I sometimes think certain signs have specific 'styles' to them--as I imagine Virgos are also often elegant in a more conservative way, but I don't go very far with this, and don't tend to mention my own sign, as people do 'go to town' with these things.

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Doesn't it sometomes make you feel terrible when one watches a dancer who shares one's age(or even exact birthday) and think to yourself, "Why can't I do that???"

I try to look at it this way. I don't look as graceful, but I don't have the bunions, hip injuries, or knee ailments either....

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No Geminis?

Traditional Gemini traits

Adaptable and versatile

Communicative and witty

Intellectual and eloquent

Youthful and lively

On the dark side....

Nervous and tense

Superficial and inconsistent

Cunning and inquisitive

I've been trying to figure out whether this is grab-bag of qualities is incompatible with the special demands of ballet training and career.

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I looked up some of the men:

Ib Andersen (14 Dec) -- Sagittarius

Bart Cook (7 June) -- There's your Gemini, bart

Lew Christensen (9 May) -- Taurus

Vladimir Vassiliev (18 Apr) -- Aries

Yuri Soloviev (10 Aug) -- Leo

Henning Kronstam (29 June) -- Cancer

Michael Somes (28 Sep) -- Libra

Anthony Dowell (16 Jan) -- Aquarius

Frederic Franklin (13 June) -- another Gemini

Peter Martins (27 Oct) -- Scorpio

Edward Villella (10 Jan) -- Aquarius (1 Oct) -- Libra (see below, p.2)

Jacques d'Amboise (28 July) -- Leo

Mikhail Baryshnikov (27 Jan) -- Aquarius

and some of the women:

Carla Fracci (20 Aug) -- Leo

Ekaterina Maximova (1 Feb) -- Aquarius

Cynthia Gregory (8 July) -- Cancer

Maya Plisetskaya (20 Nov) -- Scorpio

Alla Shelest (26 Feb) -- Pisces

Irina Kolpatkova (22 May) -- Gemini

Patricia McBride (23 Aug) -- Virgo (although sometimes called Leo)

Diana Adams (29 Mar) -- Aries

Moira Shearer (17 Jan) -- Capricorn

Svetlana Beriosova (24 Sep) -- Libra

Antoinette Sibley (27 Feb) -- Pisces (shares a birthday with Elizabeth Taylor!)

Irina Baronova (13 Mar) -- Pisces

Violette Verdy (1 Dec) -- Sagittarius

Gelsey Kirkland (29 Dec) -- Capricorn

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From what I've read of his temperament, I'd not have pegged Somes as a Libra.

What HAVE you heard of his temperament, dirac?

This is the version of his departure that I have heard from several sources, but I cannot judge the veracity of the statements.

Michael Somes reputedly was very strict (some have said bullying) with the company and it is said he felt somewhat thwarted in sustaining the standards of the Royal Ballet under Kenneth MacMillan's lamentable directorship.

Arguments between the two followed and one so heated that whilst on the stairs of the Royal Opera House Michael Somes knocked Kenneth MacMillan to the floor.

Whether he was asked to leave or formally sacked I am not sure.

My own experience with Michael Somes was that he was extremely charming, but most definitely authoritarian in tone and manner when replying to questions. Like many other London balletomanes I was deeply saddened that he left the company and saw it as an end to an era which it clearly was.

Back to astrological signs, I am chuffed that I share the same birthdate as Arthur Saint Leon and Sir Frederick Ashton the 17th of September all Virgos.

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Some more birthdays:

Arthur Mitchell (27 Mar) -- Aries

Karen Kain (28 Mar) -- Aries

Robert Helpman (9 Apr) -- Aries

Marcia Haydee (18 Apr) -- Aries

Melissa Hayden (25 Apr) -- Taurus

Peter Schaufuss (26 Apr) -- Taurus

Zizi Jeanmarie (29 Apr) -- Taurus

Joseph Duell (30 Apr) -- Taurus

Judith Jamison (10 May) -- Taurus

Isadora Duncan (26 May) -- Gemini

Toni Lander (19 Jun) -- Gemini

Francisco Moncio (6 Jul) -- Cancer

Natalia Bessmertnova (19 July) -- Cancer

Maris Liepa (27 Jul) -- Leo

Anton Dolin (27 Jul) -- Leo

Sean Lavery (16 Aug) -- Leo

Daniel Duell (17 Aug) -- Leo

Natalia Dudinskaya (21 Aug) -- Leo

Gloria Govrin (10 Sep) -- Virgo

Felia Dubrovska (17 Sep) -- Virgo

Tanaquil LeClercq (2 Oct) -- Libra

Niels Bjorn Larsen (5 Oct) -- Libra

Marjorie Tallchief (19 Oct) -- Libra

Michel Denard (5 Nov) -- Scorpio

Alexandra Danilova (20 Nov) -- Scorpio

Margrethe Schanne (21 Nov) -- Scorpio

Frank Schaufuss (12 Dec) -- Sagittarius

Nicholas Magallanes (27 Nov) -- Sagittarius

Alicia Markova (1 Dec) -- Sagittarius

Merrill Ashley (2 Dec) -- Sagittarius

Alicia Alonso (21 Dec) -- some say Sagittarius, some say Capricorn

Noelle Pontois (24 Dec) -- Capricorn

Robert Joffrey (24 Dec) -- Capricorn

Galina Ulanova (8 Jan) -- Capricorn

Maria Tallchief (24 Jan) -- Aquarius

Bruce Marks (31 Jan) -- Aquarius

Olga Preobrajenskaya (2 Feb) -- Aquarius

Alexander Grant (22 Feb) -- some say Aquarius, some say Pisces

Jorge Donn (28 Feb) -- Pisces

Anna Laerkesen (2 Mar) -- Pisces

Lynn Seymour (8 Mar) -- Pisces

Tamara Karsavina (9 Mar) -- Pisces

Suki Shorer (11 Mar) -- Pisces

Valeri Panov (12 Mar) -- Pisces

Starr Danias (18 Mar) -- Pisces

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The number of great male dancers who are Pisces, starting with Nijinsky and Nureyev, is astounding. I went through the Oxford Dictionary of Ballet once when I was laid up with flu and counted about 30 of principal level or above. That should keep you busy! (Pisces rules the feet and ankles.)

I have always suspected this to be the case... but perhaps it's because I'm a Pisces. I assumed it had to do with their oceanic intuition.

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