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Tamara Rojo

Ballet fan

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So, I was wondering what are people's opinions on this ballerina. A lot of critics have praised her for her dramatic skills. I've seen clips of her Romeo and Juliet and there are parts where she's really intense in her acting but there are other times when she feels rather dull. Plus, she's a dancer that likes to show her technique (quadruple fouettes, long balances, etc.) She indeed does have an outstanding technique and deserves the title of virtuosa, but I'm really interested about what people think of things of more artistic merit such as acting skills, drawing the public into the story, portrayal of pathos, etc.

I'm asking this because I'm considering buying her Manon and Romeo and Juliet, and MacMillan's ballets are essentially dramatic.

So, discuss Tamara because I'd really appreciate any input people could give me.

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I seldom go to see the Royal Ballet these days but have seen Tamara Rojo dancing since she was a whippersnapper principal at Scottish Ballet. In those days she was a glorious Juliet, a role she reprised with similar success in a different production with ENB. I've not seen her in the MacMillan production at the RB but can only imagine that she has further deepened her interpretation.

The last time I had the privilege to see her dance was a couple of years ago at the RB when she was The Chosen One in MacMillan's Rite of Spring. She was utterly magnificent and totally sensational.

I think that she is a wonderful interpretative (if such a word exists and I hope you know what I mean) dancer as well as being a fine technician. She is most definitely one to watch if you get the chance.

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When trying to get a global idea of an unknown to me ballerina I try to get a glimpse of a Giselle performance-(specifically the Spessivtseva's Solo, which is both technically and dramatically very hard to execute). In her case it is obvious that her technique is solid, and that she can turn like there's no tomorrow. Still...she left me cold here...


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Thanks for the link, Cristian.

I rather liked her variation, until the final ta-DA opening of her arms in the final moment of the variation, a move more appropriate to Odile or Kitri.

Also, in Rojo's favor, having nothing to do with technique or acting, is the fact that here as Giselle, she is undoubtedly the prettiest girl in the village. :clapping:

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I first saw Tamara Rojo when she moved from Scottish Ballet to ENB & was a remarkable Juliet opposite Roberto Bolle in the Derek Deane arena version of the ballet R&J & the RB was right to snap her up when her abilities became clear to London audiences. Without doubt I would concur with an earlier poster who said that her best role is the Chosen Maiden in MacMillan's Rite of Spring where her performance is nothing short of thunderous & then heartbreaking. I have also seen her Song of the Earth which is beautiful.

In the 3 act MacMillan works her Juliet is an everchanging characterisation (depending on who she is cast with) - she was unlucky at the start of her time being cast with less interesting Romeos who cannot match her dramatic intelligence or committment, but her more recent pairings with Carlos Acosta have been fascinating watching her able to explore this ballets potential. I've always liked her ballroom scene & the way she looks at her Romeo (even if they sometimes don't respond!) & how powerful her act 3 is especially if she is lucky to have a decent actor playing her father.

Her Manon has also changed & deepened over the years & I treasure the memory of one particular show where Anthony Dowell did Monsieur GM leading to an explosive 2nd act. Her Mary Vetsera in Mayerling was magnificent earlier this autumn & in previous runs with several other dancers (Cope & Martin Harvey). Plus her Isadora was very powerful & committed & I suspect her Anastasia might have been a knockout if she hadn't had to withdraw from injury.

She does have a lovely strong technique & the speed & variety of turns she can do with utter control are great fun. I love her highly arched feet which she has on occasion used almost as a weapon & those deep backbends in R&J have to be seen to be believed. Her technique & physique has been refined over the years (she noticably credits which teachers she works with in her theatre biog) & one thing that has improved is her balances (always good, now breathtakingly risky at times). I'd hazard a guess she's used pilates as her leg & body shape is even better than it was when she first joined the RB & I also like the fact she's not skinny skinny like several of her colleagues as this gives her a lovely softness & womanliness.

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Although I moved away from London about 18 months ago, Rojo continues to be one of my favourites (if not my absolute favourite!). I've perhaps been lucky, because I've never found her to be inconsistent. She's beautiful, for sure, but moreso, to me, is that she is an intelligent dancer. Yes, she can hit high extensions... but her Rose Adage? A beautiful 90 degree attitude.

She does indeed do Pilates, and was featured on a dvd on Pilates along with Ed Watson and.... I want to say Johannes Stepanek. Unfortunately, the dvd is not really a 'fitness' dvd, but really much more about watching these dancers do the exercises. It is available through Dancebooks.

She is also know for going to open classes at popular studios in London to train with one of her favourite teachers -- these classes are crowded, etc, but she does them. I've watched her in class and rehearsals several times, and this is a woman who works HARD, and really, really thinks about what she is doing. She's also very articulate.

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