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"Prima Ballerina: Two Film Portraits," Lopatkina & Zakh

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I just got this DVD. There's another thread about it somewhere. It's basically 2 french portraits sold together. But I'm glad I got it on DVD as it has English subtitles. I skimmed to preview. I hope to actually watch for content later. The clips are more impressive in the Zakharova feature than the Lopatkina. It's a full array of her major roles, whereas the Lopatkina one relies heavily on Swan Lake, which is already out on DVD. It's great that French TV did this for 2 Russian ballerinas. Important work too. I guess it's useless to note that it's a shame that similar bios have not and will not be done on the top dancers of our time here in the US (imagine if the 2 dancers were Kistler and Nichols).

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First Run Features has just released this new dvd by Laurence Gentot.


*Edit - Topic should read 'Zakharova.'

It is a fantasy to call Zakharova and Lopatkina ballerinas.

Ballerina is a much over used term by journalists and marketers who feel they are making dancers stars by using the word in their reviews as well as creating pieces of puff to identify themselves arbiters of taste and knowledge.

The two dancers are principal dancers which is quite different to being a ballerina that alone a prima-ballerina.

They could be called 'stars', because they are promoted as such by their companies.

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