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Tsiskaridze and Osipova to guest with POB

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Reading the title of the post, I momentarily thought they were guesting together in the same performance and I thought ???

I've never seen the POB Nutcracker -I assume it is quite different from the Bolshoi's version?

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I would say it is. For one, Drosselmeyer and the Nutcracker Prince are played by the same dancer.

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It’s even more complicated… The Nutcracker is another dance in fact... Well to make it short, Nureyev version is quite a Freudian interpretation of the story. When Clara is falling asleep at the end of the party, she dreams she is attacked by all kind of dangers and it’s always Drosselmeyer in a Prince costume who comes to save her as he has done as Drosselmeyer when her brother was annoying her during the evening. But at the end, when she wakes up, the party is over and it’s Drosselmeyer who is here….

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There is also a big Ballets Russes gala on December 16th at the Palais Garnier mixing dancers of POB and Bolshoi. Here is the cast:

Le Spectre de la Rose

Mathias Heymann

Nina Kaptsova

L'Après midi d'un faune

Nicolas Le Riche

Emilie Cozette

La Mort du cygne

Marie-Agnes Gillot

Shéhérazade - Pas de deux

Agnes Letestu

Nikolai Tsiskaridze

Giselle - Pas de deux

Aurélie Dupont

Ruslan Skvortsov

Le Tricorne - Pas de deux

Maria Alexandrova

Jose Martinez

Le Lac des cygnes (Pas de trois du cygne noir)

Svetlana Zakharova

Karl Paquette

Stéphane Bullion


Natalia Ossipova

Benjamin Pech

Yann Bridard

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