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Yoel Carreno and Yolanda Correa in Spain

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I truly think that's a pity that they are joining Víctor Ullate as the repertoire there is only Ullate's, Lao's and a bit of Béjart (rarely performed though).

Ullate has never been a classical dancer. He is an excellent teacher but all the great Spanish dancers who came from his school and left have confessed that they really learnt classic when they joinend a real Classical Ballet Companies.

On the other side, Ullate's son, Josué, a very tallented young dancer, has joined the Cuba National Ballet for one year.

At Christmas, the BNC will be performing Nutcracker in Valencia but I don't know if these so amazing Cuban dancers will join them for these performances.

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Would that have been an ABT offer instead, the situation would have been different...

Still, I don't think that the Carreno/Correa situation is a permanent one. They probably will keep going back to dance in Havana, like Jose Manuel did for a while, or even Acosta...

Let's not forget that they're not considered "defectors"...yet.

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Joseph Gatti and Adiarys Almeida are coming back to the USA to join Boston Ballet. Their departure is definitely sad news for Corella Ballet and Spanish audience but we know that they were missing the family very much. Boston Ballet touring often in Spain we are happy for them and in a way also for us.

As for Yolanda & Yoel why not joinning CB? This will be so great!! And there is already a new principal who is a Cuban dancer, Dayron Vera http://www.angelcorella.org/bailarines.html

But now I realize that maybe all these should be posted at Corella Ballet thread....

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Update on Yoli and Yoel. Carreno is no longer listed in Ullate's roster, nor is he back in Alonso's company. Miss Correa is still with the Spanish troupe. I wonder if the City Ballet offer made to him a while ago could be revived...I would hate to see his talent wasted by floating from place to place a la Rolando Sarabia...

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How strange. I'm reading right now the article "Cuban Panache Comes to DC" in Pointe magazine about the upcoming visit of the Cuban troupe and they list Yolanda and Yoel as part of the entourage. However, they've never been back in the Cuban roster...

I wonder if they worked some kind of deal with Alonso and are willing to represent their home company due to the most recent wave of defections...

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